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epipen belt for kids waistpal by omaxcare.com
Autoinjector Epinephrine Belt Carrier WaistPal EpiBelt
Back View
WaistPal™ called by many EpiBelt is the only epinephrine carrier belt that was  designed by a
mom and child who didn't like wearing pants that required a belt nor plastic buckles.
epipen waist band athletic belt waistpal
What's different about the WAISTPAL when compared to other autoinjector waist holders?
Designed to be worn like an undergarment piece of clothing.

WaistPal™ has two small pockets.  One in the front pocket and
another one in the back that tightly holds one Epinephrine each.

No need to advertise to everyone that you have epinephrine's on
you.  Designed to be hidden under clothing.

Much less bulky than any waist pouch that holds two
epinephrine's in the front.
EpiBelt WaistPal by omaxcare
Front View
Closes on one side with soft lined velcros instead of plastic
buckles that  will "pinch" your skin and obstruct free body
epibelt-epi waistpal by omaxcare
auto injector epipen belt waispal
Inside is completely lined with extra soft
neoprene to prevent velcros from
touching your skin.
ZigZag stitches to ensure

All cotton sewing thread
instead of polyester to
prevent skin rash.
Easy to put on.
Easy to wash
No smells